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Mark Coloma: Leading by example

Mark ColomaMark ColomaMark Coloma, head of Rides and Attractions at ABS-CBN Themed Experiences Inc., has been putting in 15-hour days, particularly before, during and soon after the launch of “Hado Pilipinas” last month (August 2019). The program is designed to introduce the augmented reality techno sport Hado Player versus Player (Hado PvP) to the Philippines.

“I love working with our team members. I personally see to the ingress, setup and egress of Hado PvP equipment, which is quite a challenge as we have been touring schools. We’ve had to fit the content of 90 square meters of space into two passenger vans so we can mobilize quickly and efficiently. We’ve had to design the whole process with all the ideals of ABS-CBN in mind, including increasing engagement and lowering cost,” says Coloma, a mechanical engineering graduate of the University of the Philippines.

He also believes that if team members see him doing the work with them, they’d never be bit by the lazy bug and would be more than willing to match his industry and enthusiasm.

Happy customers

“Our biggest measure in offering live experiences is when we see customers walk out of an attraction happy and animatedly talking about the experience among themselves. When we see that, it doesn’t matter if we’re tired and lack sleep. Happy and engaged customers make it all worth our time,” Coloma says.

Coloma and his team are mustering the Lopez Value of a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit to introduce Hado Pilipinas, a partnership with Meleap Inc. of Japan, to Filipinos.

The challenge is to get more people to try out the augmented reality game that involves competition between teams of three or fewer. “We have found that people who have tried the game have that desire to repeat play. So it is a matter of making it known and available to more people,” he says.

Sheer thrill

The school tour involving the 10 members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association of the Philippines is a way to get students and athletes to try out the sheer thrill of 80 seconds of play, and for Hado PvP to get recognized as a legitimate team sport requiring skill, strategy and technique.

Since August 25, “Hado Pilipinas” has been airing on Channel 23 S+A, with the intention to send the first Philippine team to the Hado World Cup in Tokyo, Japan to be held in December. The
weekly broadcast of “Hado Pilipinas” is another way to get more people interested in the game. Episodes are also available on iWant under the category “Techno Sports.”

To get a feel of the Hado technology, there is the Hado Monster Battle attraction at ABS-CBN Studio Experience in TriNoma Mall, Quezon City. It doesn’t pit players against each other like the Hado PvP model (you play against virtual enemies), but it uses the same head-mounted displays used in the Hado PvP game.

Hado Camp

Also scheduled to open in a few weeks is Hado Camp, a facility at the ground floor of the ELJ Building in the ABS-CBN compound where walk-in guests can finally get to experience Hado PvP.

Coloma, who has an extensive background in manufacturing, joined ABS-CBN four years ago.

“As someone who came from outside, I want to tell my fellow employees how lucky we are to be working for a company that values each contribution and looks out for the best in each of us.

“I have seen what it’s like to work outside (ABS-CBN), and there are employers who don’t increase salaries, those who can’t even pay minimum wage and those who don’t have space even for motorcycle parking. In a previous employment, I even had to set up a savings and loan association because I didn’t want my fellow employees to be borrowing at ‘5-6’ (usury rates). It’s rough outside. It’s good to count our blessings and to not take anything for granted,” he says. (Story/Photos by: Carla Paras-Sison)