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Our rainy day picker-uppers, part 2

Don't let the rains get you down. Stay dry, comfy and cozy with dishes that will warm you up, stylish waterproof wear and so much more. Here’s the second set of rainy day picks from your Rockwellists.

Day-to-day essentials

Signet’s (R1 Level) Orcival parka is perfect for rainy days, making sure I stay dry in style. With the Finch backpack from TUMI (R1 Level), I have a resilient, modern bag with enough pockets and a dedicated compartment where I can fit my belongings. To top it all off, I can relax after a stressful day as long as I have my bun bo hue pork and beef pho from HuChi (P1 Level). —Oowie

Fashion, meet function

With The Rockwellist umbrella, I get to enjoy its functionality while flaunting its sleekness and sophistication. I was able to get this on shop.therockwellist. com, but you can get it for free once you accumulate enough Rockwellist Rewards points. Another rainy season find is the men’s multi-vent shoes by Ecco (shop.therockwellist.com). They’re highly water-repellent, lightweight, and feature highquality leather lining. —Julian

Rainy day relaxation

Thanks to Muji’s (R3 Level) ultrasonic aroma diffuser, I can make sure my home environment is always fresh and pleasant. Another favorite for cozy days indoors is the arroz caldo of Merienda by Pan de Manila in Santolan Town Plaza in San Juan. —Bea

Satisfied cozy day cravings

A must-have for any rainy day is the Tory Burch (R1 Level) 95 mm Miller Lug Sole Bootie in black. It’s fashionable, protects my feet from the rain, and I don’t have that fear of them getting soaked. Finally, perfect for cold afternoons or after-meal drinks is Marks & Spencer’s (R1 Level) green tea with lemon infusion. This crisp and refreshing light Chinese green tea is the perfect way to end a meal. —Faye

Ultimate must-have

Don’t venture out into the rain without Uniqlo’s (R2 Level) utility parka. Breathable yet waterproof, it features a versatile design for casual wear. One of my main go-to snacks during the rainy season is the triple choco mallow from Mo’ Cookies (R1 Level). Its mix of three chocolate varieties gives a cozy yet exquisite flavor, especially when paired with hot tea or coffee. —Mondy

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