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Milestone of Rockwell Thermal Plant

Rockwell Thermal PlantRockwell Thermal Plant1950
The 130-megawatt Rockwell Thermal Plant, named for Meralco’s first president, James Chapman Rockwell, starts operating

The thermal plant is decommissioned

Rockwell Land Corp. is formed to develop the 15.5-hectare area occupied by the plant into a mixed-use development that includes a mall as centerpiece, plus sports clubs, high-rise condominiums, offices and and school

Construction work on Rockwell Center begins

The Rockwell Thermal Power Plant building becomes Power Plant Mall, a “superblock development” designed by international boutique
firm Design International. It has a gross leasable area of 41,000 square meters occupied by movie theaters, entertainment and recreation
areas and several floors of fashion brands from A (Anne Klein)4 to Z (Zara)

Bakers DozenBakers Dozen2004
The Independent Lifestyles wing (R2) is introduced to the market. It becomes the hub of upcoming retailers

Manila’s best home-based sell their goodies in Baker’s Dozen, a weekend activity held regularly at the mall’s Concourse Level The Independent Lifestyles wing is redeveloped as Archaeology, the 3D TEchnology3D TEchnologyhome of non-mainstream and unique fashion concepts R3 is developed into the new Youth Zone

3D technology is introduced to Power Plant Cinema. Two cinemas are converted into fully equipped 3D theaters, making use of Active 3D technology